Research / Strategy / UX

Before we even begin to design or develop a project we want to know all about your business and your clients. What are your business aims and what are your users aims? The answers to this will provide a solid foundation for moving forward on which we can design and develop a strategy and have an understanding of the main objective of the project. This step is important for us to ensure the best user experience for the end user.


Brand development

Branding is so important. It defines who you are. It is more than just a logo and strapline. It is who you are, how you project yourself into the world and will be remembered. We can work with you to create a set of brand guidelines to create an experience that will reinforce your brand, your message, your business and ensure every interaction through every medium creates a positive lasting impression.


Website and App design

Information Architecture

The way you deliver your content will without question determine the success of your communication with your users. After a healthy research session we will be able to put together a well thought out information architecture plan and set of wireframes to learn about the users journey and how they will reach the goals we have set for the project.

Visual Design

Concepts and mock ups bring the product to life. They can show you the potential of the project. We will always provide ideas of what the product can look like based on the previous steps, and then move forward with a period of participatory design, making changes until you are confident with the design.


Complex Software Development

Databases, Spreadsheets & Web Applications

Are you currently using legacy systems, or do you require a solution that will streamline your business processes? We have a team of highly qualified developers who have extensive experience in developing custom solutions, spreadsheet, database or web applications. We have implemented solutions for some of the largest companies in the world from the simplest of spreadsheets to the most complicated custom applications.



With many years of experience, working with many major brands across the globe we are able to assess, identify and play an active role in how to help your business. From becoming actively involved in the early stages of your project we can help map out a full strategised plan or if needed in later stages we able to come aboard, observe and then recommend different approaches to meet your needs.


Training & Support


After we have delivered a project an experienced trainer will walk you through the processes of your content managed website, your app or the software we have developed for you. We feel it is very important that you have full knowledge and confidence in the ability to update and use the product we design and develop. With every project you will also receive documentation for reference.


Top class support is critical to any business. We use the latest technologies available to ensure that your applications perform to your expectations with minimal disruption. We operate within a service level agreement (SLA) which will give you peace of mind knowing that as soon as we receive a support call, via our online support portal, we will respond immediately. With continuous enhancements to our applications we aim for quarterly version releases, this ensures that you receive the best possible user experience.