Say goodbye to paper. With Go-Inspect your inspections are uploaded from your mobile device to our web portal.

Go-Inspect has been developed in conjunction with leading industry professionals to produce what is now a fully configurable app which can be used in all industries. It is the most cost effective, comprehensive inspection app for mobile and tablet devices.

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Whether you’re a small business looking to develop a best practice approach to health and safety, or have recently found yourself in urgent need of help with a safety issue, HSEATWORK is an easy to use, time-saving and affordable online solution to ensure your business and workers are protected.

The software has been developed in collaboration with a team of industry leading HSE practitioners to provide a simple to use, time saving & budget friendly solution to companies and HSE professionals who believe that time spent on health and safety should be focused on reducing risk to your workers and business not on costly management and administration.

Our incident reporting procedure will help you manage incidents with impressive efficiency. Quick and easy to use, our wizard driven interface enables the recording of all incidents using our unique step by step process.

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The HSEAT WORK companion app.

SAFECARDS is a companion app designed to work remotely at the office and/or on site. At last, a truly simple and easy to use app specifically designed to allow any employee to raise safe cards for both good and bad behavioural activities.

Start transforming the way your organisation identifies potential issues before they manifest into problems or worse Incidents and Accidents. SAFECARDS allows any user, visitor or contractor within your organisation to instantly raise a SAFECARD for both good and bad behaviours all whilst retaining the ability to remain anonymous.

SAFECARDS also keeps track of the cards that you have raised and if any actions have been carried out against them by the HSE team. SAFECARDS dramatically improves your organisations communication and reporting, but most importantly the safety culture of behavioural actions.

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The HSEATWORK companion app, designed to work remotely at the office and/or on site!
HSE Raise is a companion app specifically designed and developed to speed up the reporting of incidents, accidents and near misses when out in the field.

It does this faster and more accurately than the traditional methods used, i.e. pen, paper, napkin or making a phone call, and the information is there for review by a senior manager as soon as it has been transmitted, this allows a faster response time from management and for them to make more informed decision without having to visit the incident site first.

HSE Raise lets you easily record all of the details whilst at the incident site and best of all you don’t need an internet connection to use the app, as soon as you are back in either wifi or mobile range you can transmit to the hseatwork portal and your HSE Manager will be notified by email that an incident has been reported.

Back at your desk, the web application takes the data transmitted and auto loads the incident module with all data taken out in the field, from here the HSE manager can continue with his normal process of reviewing the incident and deciding whether to move it forward to the investigation stage.

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Whether you’re suffering from budget overruns due to problems with visibility throughout your supply chain, issues with conformity come audit time or troubles with traceability of items in your warehouses; KoreSupport’s industry leading software, solves these problems.

The software has been designed by engineering and procurement professionals to ensure that all of the key elements of a capital project are covered. It goes far beyond procurement, encompassing all stages of a capital project, from project inception right through to site material control.

koreAdvantage is a modular web based system, designed to be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world.

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AloneStaff… Quite simply the most cost effective lone working solution on the market.

AloneStaff is a solution created for the protection and safety of lone workers who require protecting without the need to carry a separate device.

  1. A cost effective app designed to keep your staff safe and connected at all times.
  2. GPS co-ordinates will identify users location in an emergency via text message.
  3. Panic alarm functionality alerts emergency of your choice.

With it’s simple, easy to use app, combined with a powerful management suite, enables the monitoring of all lone workers regardless of their location..

Learn more about www.alonestaff.com

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