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  • Another HSEATWORK companion app!!

    Introducing HSE Raise! The brand new companion app to HSEATWORK.

    HSE Raise is a companion app specifically designed and developed to speed up the reporting of incidents, accidents and near misses when out of the office on site.

    It does this faster and more accurately than the traditional methods used, i.e. pen, paper, napkin or making a phone call, and the information is there for review by a senior manager as soon as it has been transmitted, this allows a faster response time from management and for them to make more informed decision without having to visit the incident site first.

    HSE Raise lets you easily record all of the details whilst at the incident site and best of all you don’t need an internet connection to use the app, as soon as you are back in either wifi or mobile range you can transmit to the HSEATWORK portal and your HSE Manager will be notified by email that an incident has been reported.

    Back at your desk, the web application takes the data transmitted and auto loads the incident module with all data taken out in the field, from here the HSE manager can continue with his normal process of reviewing the incident and deciding whether to move it forward to the investigation stage.

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