What sets Koresupport apart

Koresupport is a specialist software development house that was founded in 2012. Our aim from the outset was to develop solutions that were cost effective and empowered users to perform their tasks / duties / reporting in a more efficient and easier way.

Our solutions leverage the power of mobile devices and Apps to deliver a clean and simple interface while out on site and powerful web based portals for management allowing reporting and customisation.

Initially we focused on health and safety products including inspection and staff protection products, however since then we have developed many others see here. Historically, software development has been driven by management requirements however, we soon realised that to win over the end users, an excellent user experience must be provided together with excellent reporting and analytical functionality. We believe that everyone should have access to the best mobile safety management systems available and to that end, we will continue to develop low cost solutions that will further enhance current processes in all industries. Whilst this format dramatically increases our costs, it means that the products we create are truly tailored to meet the needs of the community of users, rather than the traditional way software is created, which rarely considers the end users.